The Gavio Group is one of Italy’s top industrial groups, active in fields ranging from motorway concessions and infrastructure construction to transportation, logistics, car parks concessions, technology and yachting.

The Gavio Group is active in Italy and around the world with about 10,000 (direct and indirect) highly qualified technical and professional resources, and with an aggregate income of about 3.4 billion Euro.

Drawing on many years of experience, the Companies in the Group operate synergically with one another in order to guarantee excellent results in terms of efficiency, service and professionalism.

The Gavio Group’s core business is in the motorway concession sector. The Group is currently the fourth toll road operator in the world with 3.320 km of roads under concession in Italy and Brazil.
Gavio Group is the main toll road operator in the North-west of Italy with approximately 1.460 km of network under concession and through the acquisition of joint control of Ecorodovias, manages approximately 1.860 km of roads in Brazil.

In the construction sector the Group operates through the subsidiary Itinera, carrying out large-scale infrastructural work and civil construction work, both as a General Contractor and as a promoter of new project financing initiatives.

In the engineering sector, the Group guarantees the study, promotion, design and commissioning of new projects in the sector of large-scale roadworks, as well as monitoring and maintaining the same infrastructures.

The Gavio Group is also among the main operators in the transport and logistics sector.

In the road transport sector in particular, the Group works in the transport of petroleum products and containers, with a large fleet of over 3,000 vehicles (tractors and trailers) and 1,500 workers.

In the logistics sector, the Group boasts important logistic and intermodal poles for the concentration and distribution of goods and the supply of combined services. In this field the Gavio Group manages some of the largest port infrastructures in Italy as well as inner harbour and dry ports developing logistic platforms and centres for transfer between the various means of transport.

The Gavio Group also plays an important role in the construction and management of large public parking areas under concession, offering innovative solutions and services in terms of urban mobility. The Parking Lot for the Fair District with 10,000 spaces, and the Piazza Meda Parking Lot with 552 spaces, both in Milan, as well as the Piazza Vittorio Parking Lot with 620 spaces in Turin, are just a few of the main structures managed in important Italian cities.

The Group is active in the technology and information technology sectors, dealing with the design, realisation and installation of advanced systems applied to transports, such as technological systems for the European motorway network, intelligent toll systems, and “infomobility” systems.

In the nautical sector, the Gavio Group is represented by three prestigious brands, namely: Baglietto, a historical, 160-year-old boatyard in La Spezia, specialised in building luxury yachts, Bertram Yacht, a nautical icon in the United States, and CCN.