Insurance Brokerage

The Gavio Group operates in the insurance and reinsurance brokerage sector, through the PCA company.

The national and international markets acknowledge PCA’s leading role in specific product sectors and, in particular, in the Construction and Large-scale Infrastructure sector, where PCA maintains a strong leading role on the Italian market and, globally, leads a team of international experts known as the Global Construction Team within the Brokerslink network.

The commercial strategy at PCA is achieved by means of the accurate research of a selected clientèle, in the Corporate and Large Corporate sector only, preferring the consultation, intermediation and management of global clients.

The prevailing consultation component, a significant orientation towards a pioneering approach to problems, and the natural ability to identify the best solutions to complex problems, represent the company’s main technical assets. For their clients, PCA guarantees solutions present on the market, computer platforms and state of the art IT solutions, as well as global service 24/7.

PCA S.p.A Broker
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